Merry Christmas to All!   Today as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, a nice Jewish boy who went into his father’s business, as one wiseacre put it. On this Christmas day, I am thankful for two privileges which I shared with almost all Americans.


  1. Jet fuel privilege – jet fuel privilege is shorthand for the ability to get on a modern commercial aviation flight and go anywhere in the flipping world safer than 99.9% of all humanity has ever been able to travel in all of recorded history.  If you’ve ever taken a commercial aviation flight, you have jet fuel privilege and you need to check that sh*t.
  2. Emergency room privilege – access to modern emergency rooms in the case of trauma, heart attack etc. is is yet another incredible benefit available only in the last 50-60 years or so.   Capability in the emergency rooms increases so rapidly that there’s no question all of us here in the developed world are in the 1% of all humanity own recorded history with respect to this privilege.