Trump is about to meet with the Chinese leader Xi Jinping.  Astute observers are noticing that Trump’s policies with respect to North Korea set up some interesting incentives for China. They don’t want North Korea liberated and unified with the South.  They really don’t want South Korea or Japan to get nukes.  A coup that makes North Korea a Chinese protectorate or province might be their best option. Trump would wise to use the meeting to address Chinese people directly, maybe with something like this.

“Great to be meeting again with President Xi.  On this occasion I am reminded of his visit with my predecessor at the White House, where his pianist played ‘My Motherland‘ Though this was controversial with some people, I have no problem with that. Some say the song is anti-american, but I hear the pride of Chinese people in the bravery of their troop and their skill in mobilizing 700,000 men across the Yalu river to spring what is arguably the biggest ambush in military history.   Of course I and all american have a similar pride int he bravery of our troops and their in skill in, for example, the landing at Inchon. So I would like to propose a toast to the bravery of and skill of the soldiers of both sides – Chinese, Americans, and Koreans.

But those battles are 65 years ago now.  Looking of the Korean Peninsula as it is today, what do we see? South Korea, protected by American troops , South Koreans, and UN allies, is one of the richest, freest, cleanest countries on earth.  Its products in semiconductors, cell phones, automobiles are purchased world wide. It’s cultural exports are also globally consumed, gangnam style.  Meanwhile North Korea is a slave sate that routinely kidnaps citizens of its neighbors. Its citizens are starving, cold, impoverished and abused by its government.  It’s reckless nuclear program threatens the region and the world.  The contamination of of large parts of China with nuclear fallout or waste from an accident, let alone nuclear conlict, is very, very real.

If the Chinese people are able to use their influence to affect a dramatic change in North Korea, history will view that as a greater accomplishment than anything their brave soldiers did in those battles now long ago.”